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Rigorous research to foster understanding, inclusivity & empowerment of


Take action to help Muslims in Canada thrive

Muslims Insights is the go to source for information on Muslims in Canada

What We Do

We’re the go-to source for anyone (individuals or businesses) seeking information about Muslims in Canada

Social mission of Muslims Insights is to foster understanding, inslusivity and empowerement of Muslims in Canada

Our Social Mission

Our social mission is to foster greater understanding, drive inclusivity, and advance empowerment for the Muslim community in Canada through the rigorous pursuit of research and data-driven insights

Values of muslims insights are responsiveness, rigor and action

Our Value

Our core values are responsiveness, rigor, and action. We are committed to promptly addressing the needs of the communities we serve, conducting rigorous research, and translating knowledge into meaningful insights that promote understanding and inclusivity.

At Muslims Insights we analyze, discover and Educate

How We Do It

We Discover, Analyze and Educate the public. Our research uncovers unbiased facts about Muslims in Canada, which we critically analyze to provide valuable insights used to foster understanding, inclusivity, and a more informed / empowered society.

Our Public Research & Insights

Our Business Services

2023 in Numbers


Mentions of Islam/Muslims tracked & analyzed


Muslims  surveyed in Canada


Communication sent to journalists, policymakers & GP 


"I've found a wealth of knowledge and understanding through Muslims Insights. Their free resources have broadened my perspective and deepened my understanding of the Muslims in Canada. It's an invaluable source for anyone seeking to learn more."

Mohamed R., Member of the Public 

Our Partners

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