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Collecting Data about muslims in Canada
Muslims shopping market research

At Muslims Insights, we are driven by a resolute vision: a Canada where Muslims are understood, where diversity is celebrated, and where every individual is empowered to build a more inclusive society. As a Canadian-based social enterprise, we are passionately committed to transforming this vision into a tangible reality through rigorous and relevant research. We believe that research is the key to dismantling misconceptions, fostering tolerance, and promoting inclusivity.

To achieve our vision and sustain our commitment to public research and insights, we collaborate with businesses targeting Muslim markets and customers across Canada. Our approach, guided by the 3E Framework—Explore, Expand, Enable, involves offering tailored market research and consulting services to unlock opportunities and foster growth. These services, facilitated by our extensive online panel of Canadian Muslims and our valued partner network, promote understanding, tolerance, and inclusivity, aligning with our commitment to an inclusive and prosperous future for all.

We invite sponsors to join our upcoming Muslims Insights project. If your business is keen on showcasing its brand within our widely distributed Muslims Insights, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.





Understand the Muslim Markets

Identify and analyze current and emerging Muslim market trends, providing businesses with insights that help them stay ahead of the curve.


Win / Delight Muslim customers

Identify profitable Muslim customer segments and understand their unmet needs through market segmentation, while simultaneously assessing Muslim satisfaction by gathering valuable feedback on products and services, pinpointing areas for improvement.


Conduct Muslims' Brand Research

Gain insights into how Muslims in Canada perceive a business's brand and reputation. Identify strategies to enhance and strengthen the brand's image, fostering trust and engagement.


Build a Muslim focused business plan / Investor pitch

Build a sound business plan to determine if your Muslim focused business idea is viable and secure financing and stakeholders support.


Enable people through Muslim Insights

Enable your people through comprehensive insights into the Canadian Muslim customer base. Our services include communication, training, and workshops, encompassing areas such as Muslim Discovery, Market Entry, and Business Strategy. These resources enable you to better connect with and serve the diverse needs of Muslim customers in Canada.


Size the Muslim / Halal Market opportunity

Market sizing can help to evaluate if the opportunity offered by the Muslim / Halal market worth to be pursued. This can avoid expensive mistakes for companies.


Evaluate competitors in Muslim markets

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the main competitors in the Muslim markets to identify current / future opportunities and threats to disrupt your business before being disrupted.


Optimize Marketing Effectiveness for Muslims

Assess the effectiveness of marketing messages and content to ensure they resonate with the Canadian Muslim audience. This research helps fine-tune communications, ensuring they are culturally sensitive and appealing to the specific needs and preferences of the Muslim community in Canada.


Enter Muslim Markets

Evaluate the feasibility of new products or concepts before launch. This approach minimizes risks and allows for the optimization of market entry strategies, ensuring that offerings align with the unique needs and preferences of Canadian Muslim consumers.

Islamic Finance

Halal Food &


Modest Fashion & Cosmetics

Muslim-Friendly Tourism

Some of the Industries we support


Non Governmental Organization

Real Estate


"Muslims Insights provided our company with critical data and strategic advice that has significantly improved our engagement with Muslim markets. Their professionalism and in-depth understanding of the culture and demographics have been instrumental in our success."

Ahmed S. , Business owner

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